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These terms govern your use of our services, website, and products. It’s essential to understand and agree to these terms before proceeding. Please read them carefully, as they outline the rules and responsibilities that guide our relationship with you.

Booking & Payment

Studio Booking and Payment

To reserve time for the studio, a retainer of 50% of studio rate is required to confirm your booking. Note: Credit Card processing fee of 3.5% is applied on all credit card transactions. Client must provide valid and current credit card information for all bookings, with accompanying Credit Card Authorization Form, to be kept on file in order for the account to remain open and billable. The remaining amount with any applicable additional fees such as: overtime, EQ rentals, expendables, messengers, etc., will be billed via invoice after the booking. The remaining balance will be charged on card on file within 7 business days, unless there’s an agreement for direct wire transfer. Client is responsible for full final payment – it is not allowed to split payments between multiple cards.

To complete the studio booking following is required in advance:

-Signed Studio Rental Agreement

-Filled out and signed Credit Card Authorization Form

-Certificate of General Liability Insurance

Rooftop Rental

All rooftop bookings require a certificate of insurance and a signed rental agreement.

Booking Durarion

Studio rate is based on a 10-hour day. (8 am – 6 pm or 9 am – 7 pm)

Overtime is billed at $200/hour (before 8 pm) and $300/hour (after 8 pm)

Surcharges apply for bookings starting before 8 am ($150/hour)

For bookings starting at 10 am or later overtime will start after 7 pm


Once the studio is confirmed 50% deposit is not refundable and not transferable.

Certificate of Insurance Requirements

Certificate of Insurance is mandatory for all shoots.

A Certificate of Liability Insurance should be issued to Vandervoort Studio LLC and KG2 Realty LLC in the amount of $1,000,000 of Commercial General Liability listing Vandervoort Studio LLC & KG2 Realty LLC as additionally insured with respect to the following location: 309 Vandervoort ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Primary Insurance Requirement : the policy shall stipulate the insurance afforded to the additional insured applies as primary insurance and that any other insurance carried by the additional insured will be excess only and will not contribute with Licensee’s insurance.



It is agreed between Client and all who enter the studio that Company will not be held liable for any injuries or accidents to the Client, Client’s assistants, Client’s models, or Client’s employees that may occur at any time within or outside of the Vandervoort Studio premises. Client further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Vandervoort Studio LLC and any of its partners, shareholders and employees from all claims, damages, liabilities, expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs), judgments, settlements and penalties of every kind related to any damage due to the Client’s acts or omissions in connection with its presence

on or around the premises and pertaining to its project at Vandervoort Studio LLC.

Damage to Equipment and Property

Client agrees to pay for any repair costs of equipment and property that they have damaged the day of the rental. This includes the Client’s assistants, employees, and guests. Client assumes full responsibility for any injury to persons or damage to property occurring as a result of Client’s use of the studio. Client is the sole responsible person to handle satisfaction of such claims the day of use. Client agrees to pay reasonable additional repair costs to bring damaged equipment back to working condition. Client agrees to pay for damage to the premises, including spills, excessive wear, marks or stains on furniture and fixtures.

Equipment Rental Policy

All equipment rentals should be performed through Vandervoort Studio. Please send us a list of items that you will need and we will get back with the quote for the rental cost. However, photographers are allowed to bring their personally owned equipment.

Note: all unused in-house equipment return is accepted within 2 hours from the start of the shoot.


All deliveries need to be arranged prior – Company does not guarantee acceptance of the delivery if it hasn’t been scheduled prior. Surcharges may apply for deliveries outside of the 8 am – 6 pm window.

Cleaning and Trash

Client agrees to leave the premises and all contents and fixtures in the same condition as they were when Client arrived. Company will dispose of trash collected in the supplied trash cans. Client must discard larger items, such as personal props and set pieces. Disposal of large amounts of garbage due to large sets may also accrue additional costs. All items brought to the Premises by Client are to be removed by Client. Items left after 7 days will be assumed abandoned and may be discarded or kept by the Company for Company use, with no compensation due the Client, at the discretion of the Company. If Client does not return Premises to the order and cleanliness found when Client arrived, Vandervoort Studio LLC will charge at minimum a $100 cleaning fee.


Due to space restrictions, the Company cannot guarantee storage of props, styling, equipment or any other items brought into the studio before or after Client’s shoot. It is at the discretion of our staff to determine if there is sufficient space to store any items.

Length of Use

Rental periods are pre-arranged at the time of booking. Client’s rental time begins promptly at the designated starting time and ends promptly at the designated ending time. Time includes setup and break-down. Studio must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the rental period. No prior drop-off and/or pick-up after completion of shoot, of equipment, props, etc. unless negotiated at time of rental contract. Additional fees may apply. Rental time ends when the last person in your group walks out of the studio.